ICAM - Toledo Institute of Enviromental Sciences

Public R&D Centres - Centres attached to the University of Castilla-La Mancha

Type of centre: Research centre  

Ownership: UCLM

Sector: Environment



Role: The ICAM was established in order to answer the need for a specific and multidisciplinary centre whose organizational structures facilitate the cooperation necessary to address the inherent complexity of many environmental problems. Research in the field of Environmental Science requires multidisciplinary teams to be formed to cover various areas of scientific and technical knowledge that make up this field of study. This includes the analysis of physical, chemical , biological or geological parameters in land , water or air, the study of organisms and their ecosystems , their management, biotic and abiotic natural resources, technologies for monitoring protecting and restoring the environment, as well as the legal, sociological , political and economic aspects of environmental issues .To perform these tasks, the ICAM brings together researchers from the fields of Biology, Physics, Geology, Mathematics, Chemistry and the Social Sciences. 


There are 5 research groups:

           - Functional Biology and Biotechnology

           - Biodiversity, Conservation and Sustainable Development

           - Ecosystems and natural Resources

           - Climate, Atmosphere and Environmental Modelling

           - Environmental Chemistry.


Address: Campus Tecnológico de la Fábrica de Armas, 45071 Toledo, Spain

Tel.: + 34 925 265 767

Web: http://www.icam.uclm.es/index.php?id=inicio