Regional Economic Incentives

Incentivos Económicos Regionales

There is a complete package of grants and incentives that cover every necessity; for inicial investment projects and future innovation projects that improve companies´competitiveness.

Regional Economic Incentives aim:


  1. To correct the inter-territorial imbalance in Castilla-La Mancha and achieve economic and social cohesion.
  2. Encourage the integration of the various economic sectors to form infrastructures for the production process. Fomentar la integración de los diferentes sectores económicos para fomentar infraestructuras en el aparato productivo.
  3. Boost the internal development of Castilla-La Mancha by supporting the business community.
  4. Bring about appropriate changes to business structure in a way that is compatible with conserving the environment and with economic growth policies.

New establishment projects, expansion projects and the modernization of facilities (exceeding 600.000€) may be subsidized in that the following investments qualify for incentives:


  • Civil works: connection to services, town planning (urbanization), offices, laboratories, warehouses, production/processing plants.
  • Capital goods: Machinery, specialized electrical/energy installations, interior transport, health and safety and quality control equipment.
  • Pre-project studies: Planning, project engineering and site management. 


According to Royal Decree 181/2007 (9th Feb) which amends Royal Decree 489/1988 (6th May) and which governs economic promotion in Castilla-La Mancha, the regional incentives  that this Region may concede may not exceed a maximum of 30% of the approved investment and must be applied for before 31st December 2013.